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Date: 日期复制 Dear Greg,This is an invitation to invite you to visit a concert,located in ..(地点知).from to (时间道)on Saturday. We look forward to seeing you at the concert on Sat. Yours sincerely, XXX

Dear My Friend, How are you? Do you want to know about my English study?OK,I will tell you. I study English at Sunday afternoon at two o'clock.I study JianQiao English.And,last Saterday I took part in the Public English Test.I think I can pass.And,

I'm writing this letter to express my sincerely appologies to you for losing the book you lent to me. I'm very appreciated you lent it to me. In order to give it back to you as soon as possible, I took it to the library yesterday. I also borrow some other

首先是主人(邀请人)的姓名(要用全称)或头衔;第二部分是“requests the pleasure (或者honor)of",相当于汉语的“恭请” 第三部分是客人(被邀请人)的姓名(要用全称)(加'S)或用Your (泛指);第四部分是“presence at " 相当于汉语中的“光临” 第五是日期;第六是钟点 第七是地点 给你的例子: Mr. XXXX Requests the pleasure of Mr.XXX's presence at party on Friday, the 18th of January at 7 o'clockp.m. at Huaxing Hotel XXXX Road

birthday party invitationdear ms. wang,you are cordially invited to my birthday party.time: 7:00pm, sat. august 1st, 2015address: 32 dongdan streetwe look forward to seeing you at the party, and having a wonderful evening together!your student,(signature)li mei

Sample May 7 Linda, We are giving a party at home to celebrate my birthday at 6:30 p.m. on May 15. If you are free, would you like to come to my party? There will be a lot of

模板一:图画作文 This illustration depicts_________ (图画中的人物)Ving, with______________(补充说明). Recently it has become common for people in many walks of life to_____________(进一步阐释) It seems to me that the


Invitation LetterDear Mr. PeterIt's our great honor to invite you to visit our school, which is 光荣中学. This visit will provide an opportunity for you to teach our students in English, and to communicate with them. Would you like to come?We are all

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