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Abstract: Today, with the continuous developing of international economic communion, the pace of set up economic globalization is accelerating. China as an important pillar of world economy, the trend of economic integration with the world to a

[abstract] : through teaching practice, truly understand mathematical intrinsic value, only teaching concepts, teaching reform, to correctly handle the knowledge and skills, process and method, attitudes and values, the value of mathematics to

A Study on the Financial Management System of Taihe Properties Student: Lin Qian (Financial Management Education Major, Business School of Sichuan Agricultural University, 611830) Advisor: Li Meimei (Management Department, Business

Class is main place of student learning. Quality education in the concept, the primary school English classroom has the students' emotion attitude, skills, in the first place. Therefore, the classroom assessment is particularly important. Based on the

A Brief Analysis of english teaching in senior high schoolAbstract:Classroom teaching is the main way for students to learn English.But in senior high school,a lots of probelms still exsit in the Engl

The both sexes relations look at beauty from "Poetry" masculine[abstract] "Poetry" is in the Chinese history of literature the first palatial milestone, has had the huge influence to the later generation literature. “the poem 300” are ancients'

Premiums paid researchAbstract: In the course of insurance carriers, insurance payment is extremely important in China's insurance practice, there are always some problems. Based on the definition and payment of insurance premiums as well as

1) PET injection molding process conditions 1) PET hygroscopicity slightly larger than the PBT, Materials in the water under high temperature sensitive, when the water content exceeding, in molding and processing will occur hydrolysis, so that the

the 21st century, an information age of technology and know-how. to the survival and development of enterprises, which entered the cycle of sustainable development, it must have to innovate, create new value of knowledge-based employees. today,

In China's reform and opening, because of the high before the centralized management system of local government financial, economic benefit and without their tax authority, also did not exist between government tax competition. Since the reform

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