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In China, people usually have three meal a day, they are breakfast, lunch and supper.People usually have breakfast from seven to nine in the morning. There are many kind of food for them to eat, such as nuddles, eggs, fried dough sticks and soy

提问 该问题可能描述不清,建议你重新提问 九年级全一册英语书的课文翻译人教版 我有更好答案 最佳答案 Unit1 How can we become good learners?Section A 2d----安妮,我有点紧张,我必须读完一本书,以便下周一作报告.----听起来不太糟

Dragon Boat Festival is the traditional day in China, it is on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. The common activity for different places are dragon boat competition and eating zongzi. In my hometown, there will be the dragon boat competition every

你的课文到底长什么样子啊?Translation:1.人们普遍认为他是篮球天才.(regard)He is generally regarded as a gifted basketball player.2.他试图登上那座山峰,但失败了.


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回答人的补充 2009-08-17 16:51 新世纪版英语高二第一学期U6 Ocean under Threat 课文翻译people use oceans for trade,travel,tourism,and recreation. we also take food and resources from oceans. All these activities can have ha

这是九年级的啊?我怎么觉得这么简单..不过也许因为我是美国人啦~呵呵!下面翻译的100%是我亲手翻译的!绝无抄袭,请楼主采纳~ P20:我们家有许多规矩 我们家也是!例如:在上学天的夜晚我们得留在家中.我通常也是的!可是有时候

牛津英语9A Unit 3 课本原句翻译1、我没有足够的睡眠I don't have enough sleep.2、我没有足够的时间做回家作业I don't have enough time to do my homework.3、吃得太多使你不健康Eating too much makes you unhealthy.4、跑步和游泳对你

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