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结尾段:再次表示感谢. 必背模版句型如下: thanks again for your kind help.对你的帮助再次表示感谢. my true gratitude is beyond any words description.任何语言都不能表达我的真挚谢意. please accept my thanks, now and always.请永远

感谢信(Letter of Thanks)-这篇可以参考下格式了:)~~ Dear Mr. / Ms, Thank you for your letter of June 4, enclosing an account of the organization and work of your Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We are very grateful for such a detailed

例文 Date and PlaceMr.____ Minister of _____ (Address) Beijing,China Dear Minister, I am writing this letter to thank you for you warm hospitality accorded to me and my delegationduring our recent visit to your beautiful country. I would also like to

①many thanks for your kind and warm help.②i am greatly indebted to you for your help.③ thank you for your generous hospitality.④ it was really exciting to get your new year's card!⑤ i'm sincerely grateful for all your help in finding me a place.⑥your

You let me know how to study这是想说明他教会你学习的zhidao技能还是学习什么内知识?我觉容得这样表达更好:You coached me to improve my learning skill.If you tell me the more for studying,the higher store I will get.不明白什么意思.You are my good friend.And you are my teacher,too.我觉得这样表达更好:You are not only my good friend but also my teacher.

一、感谢信格式要求1、抬头:收件人的姓名2、正文:三段式3、落款:祝福(yours sincerely)+写信人名 二、感谢信格式模板 Dear ______,I am writing to extend my sincere gratitude for __________________(感谢的原因). If it had not been

Dear Thomas: I was so surprised to receive your flower on my birthday. They are so beautial and I have put them in the vase in my bedroom. Thank you very much. I really want you to visit my house and have dinner with my familiy. Hopefully you are

A Letter to One's Teacher-给老师的一封信 25 Jiefang Road Nanjing, Jiangsu Oct. 1,2003Dear Miss Zhou, How time flies! It is ahnost a month since I arrived here and began a new life as a university student. But all this time, I have been missing you

Ann, Happy birrthday to you! Thank you for your delicious food! I was very glad to enjoy your birthday party! I enjoyed myself tonight. You looked very nice!There were a lot of delicious food!I ate much! And i thought I am full! Best wishes! Yours, Jim

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