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①many thanks for your kind and warm help.②i am greatly indebted to you for your help.③ thank you for your generous hospitality.④ it was really exciting to get your new year's card!⑤ i'm sincerely grateful for all your help in finding me a place.⑥your

1.我写此信旨在向你投诉有关我三天前从贵店买的一样东西. I'm writing to complain about a purchase that I made at your store three days ago. 2.我写此信是要表达我对三天前从贵店购买的家具的糟糕质量的强烈不满. I'm writing to

常用开头:1 I was glad to hear you good news.很高兴听到您的消息.2 Forgive me for not writing sooner.原谅我没有很快回信.3 It was very kind of you to reply so quickly.你能很快回信太好了.4 I am sorry to hear that you have not been well.听说

开头:Dear XXX,I am glad to receive your letter.很高兴收到你的来信./ You asked me about( problem question 等),now let me give you some advice.你在来信中询问我.,现在,让我给你一些建议./ It has been a long time since we met.我们很

结尾段:再次表示感谢. 必背模版句型如下: thanks again for your kind help.对你的帮助再次表示感谢. my true gratitude is beyond any words description.任何语言都不能表达我的真挚谢意. please accept my thanks, now and always.请永远

You let me know how to study这是想说明他教会你学习的zhidao技能还是学习什么内知识?我觉容得这样表达更好:You coached me to improve my learning skill.If you tell me the more for studying,the higher store I will get.不明白什么意思.You are my good friend.And you are my teacher,too.我觉得这样表达更好:You are not only my good friend but also my teacher.

1.as an old saying goes,.正如一句古老的谚语所说2.be nothing but .不过就是3.from where i stand. 从我的立场来说4.give oneself a chance to..给某人一个机会去5.i feel sure that我坚信6.is the best way to make sure that.确保

英语写信常用词句:开头用语I'm sorry I've been so slow in answering your letter这么晚了才给你回信,我很抱歉I must apologize for my delay in answering your letter

开头dear 某某,然后是i missed you so much.中间的话就是你要说的内容,结尾一般是用i'm looking forward to hearing from you.落款是 yours sincerely, 某某.

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