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Tamer Ma Tengfei thousands of miles, more sheep on a doublet. On the occasion of the New Year approaching, the school faculty Happy New Year, family well-being! Thank you for your understanding of school work, support and cooperation, I sincerely wish your child achieve greater progress in the new year!

How are you doing?

Dear Bob: I am sorry to hear that you have been sick. In our daily lives, you have given us too much love and care sometimes regardless of your self.It is because of your hard work pay, we can continuously to make progress. Each class classmate all

Dear David, I'm sorry to hear that you fail in the final exam.Well,please calm down and don't be upset anymore.I have some good ideas that may help.First,why not review the books carefully?It is very important to review the books before taking an

亲爱的地震灾区的人民们: 你们好! 首先祝哪些受伤的小朋友早日康复,重返校园. 前几天你们哪里发生了7.8级强烈地震,使一些学校的校舍遭到严重损害,甚至有的学校瞬间变成了一片废墟,再也看不到你们当中一些小朋友的音容笑貌和一

Dear Amy, I am a student from Xinhua Middle School. I am very sorry to have heard of your present situation that you are so bitter after having a lung cancer. At present, ACS decides that it will give you three cents when you receive a letter. That will

四川雅安发生32313133353236313431303231363533e4b893e5b19e313333396633357.0级大地震,作为学生会主席的你,需要给来自灾区的同学写一封慰问信. 1.对该同学表示关心. 2.写明向其捐助金额. 3.提出希望和对其重建家园的信心

Dear xxx I am xxx 事情 your's xxx

Dear students, It grieves us to hear that you guys are suffering from flood. We understand how hard it must've been for you to lose all your properties or even your loved ones. With that, You have all our condolences. We know there will be a long and

MIKe听说Bob因病住院了,他认为Bob应该查出病因.他希望Bob看到他信时已经好多了,并祝他很快痊愈.以MIKe的名义给BOb写封慰问信 Dear Bob, I am very sorry to hear that you are in hospital. I think you must be very sad to stay in hospital.

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