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不区分大小写了!时间、地点都可以任意改 i am writing to invite sb to do sth 我写信邀请……去做…… would you like to come to have dinner with us at 6:00 p.m next friday?(你愿意下周五晚六点和我们共进晚餐吗?) we are having a party in our

五种常用的英文邀请信 一、e69da5e887aa3231313335323631343130323136353331333332633731Dear sir/madam: Im delighted you have accepted our invitation to speak at the Conference in [city] on [date]. As we agreed, youll be speaking on

邀请信1 结构要点: 邀请信是邀请收信人参加某项活动的书信,包含三个方面: 1.邀请对方参加活动的内容、时间和地点; 2. 与该活动有关的注意事项; 3.期待对方接受邀请,并可表示感谢. Directions 13 Write a letter to one of your high

假定你是李华,你的一位美国朋友Jane在中国学习中文两年,即将回国.现在由你给 (2)感谢她帮助你们学习英语;(3)时间:星期六晚六点;(4)地点:阳光俱

1、I am writing to invite you to… 我写信是为了邀请您…… 2、I think it would be a great idea if you could participate in… 如果您参加……那就太好了. 3、I wonder if you can come… 我想知道您是否能来…… 4、How would you like to join us in…?

邀请信的格式如下: 开头即表明邀请原因,邀请对方参加活动.邀请信中间要介绍活动的具体内容,强调活动的意义,表明参加这项活动的必要性,使得邀请成功.信的结尾,请期待对方尽早确定是否参与,并给自己回复. 正文 Dear Wangcai

英文邀请函 就是一封信而已.内容就是邀请XXX 参加一个XXX聚会/会议/party等等.告知具体的时间,地点.并客气的邀请就可以了.比如 邀请你的同学参加一个聚会 例句如下.Dear XXX, Good day!My birthday is coming. My parents told me

Dear Mary, I hereby invite you to spend your winter holidays in Beijing with me. I can take you to Museim, Summer palace and Great wall to visit. You will have a good time here I am sure. Please let me know as soon as possible if you can make it so I can schedule everything properly. with best regards Anna 2012 Jan 4

20 January 2007Dear Smith: We take pleasure in inviting you to the Opening Ceremony of the spring 07' Furniture Fair, to be held in Jianguo Hotel, Shanghai, on 20th May, 2007. A variety of newly made from furniture will be on exhibitiom. You will

这是我以前做作业时写的,曾多次被老师叫好哦!Dear American: Nice to meet you!Would you like to make friends with me? If yes, please come to our home China and taste a very delicious traditional food, dumplings! I personally really like

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