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1、世界通 http://www.netat.net/ 文字档案英-汉、汉-英翻译,网页英、日、汉(繁、简)互译,邮件中、英互译,双语搜索等. 2、联通翻译 http://www.165net.com/ 提供英

I'm fine = I'm very wellAre we all here today?= is everyone here today?

选feels 意思:我喜欢这个丝衣,它摸起来柔软舒适

Becanse of youI am afraid,I heard you dry night in your sleepBecause of you,I love my way,Imfonrced tofakeBecauseI cannot cey,Because you know that s weakaness in your eyesBecauseIam learming to go wish happiness to love

Some people think that Internet language is bad, do not have any culture, influence people's level of knowledge, most of the Internet language is uncivilized, is not conducive

Working in this school since 19 93, his teaching characteristic is the work is earnest, abundant experience of students demanding, rich, the school excellent teachers, encouraging students one of, and students into a, deeply welcome students望采纳!

The second time to Hong Kong, and I feel even more excited!

1`kids say it all. 孩子们说出了一切.\孩子们说了算.(这个没有上下文,有点) 2`no matter 无论,不管(做连词使用,加how,what) 3他感到十分愧疚,然后明白了其中的道理~ He felt very gulity, then knew what it means.

Above two kinds of invention namely protect environment and save the electricity, if developed, it is really a good method for the society, certainly will make many contributions.

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