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楼主你好 第一篇:THE NEWSPAPER 报 纸 Nowadays the newspaper possesses considerable value Everybody should read it. It supplies us with a variety of news every day. It tells us the political situation of the world. If we form the habit of reading

good environment can make people feel happy and fit . to improve the environment means to improve our life. we should plant more trees and flowers around us . we shouldn't cut them down . we should stop factories from pouring waste water into

[self-introduction] hello my name is lin, and i'm a nine-year-old boy,a student from Fujian.i am studying at school,so no wonder that i am not married.mun says that i am a good boy.but sometimes i am naughty.i like playing football with my best

第一篇 my favourite animal My favourite animal is 'panda'. Pandas look funny and a little clumcy. Their black and white appearnce attracts people's interst especially children. Many people like them very much not because they have got funny

Dear Kathy: My name is Betty. I'm a student, I am studying in a Primary School.My favorite subject is history.I can play piano and guitar.My favourite colour is Pink. My hobbies are reading books, painting and swimming. I have a cat called Penny, it's

My presentOn my twelfth birthday party, I received lots of presents. Such as notebooks, pens, toys and so on. But my favorite is a black bike. It was given by my aunt. I like it very much because I think it is beautiful and useful. I can go to school by bike

look at her face. When she is smiling she has two little face-lines by the side of her lips. But her eyes. Now I know that she is extremely intelligent too, let's talk about her mouth. When we first met I felt her erotic emanation, wild. I like them very much.

More and more people like outdoor sports now. For everyone wants to be healthy. So do I. My favourite sport is basketball. Although I am a girl, I like playing basketball very much. Now I'm in the school basketball team. I often play basketball after a

my friendlook! she is my friend. she is nice. she is lovely. she like white dog. she like doll. she like summer. she can sing. she can dance.she can draw. she like eating apples,banands,lemons,oranges and cakes.but she don't like coffee. i like my friend. do you like my friend?

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