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Li bai (701-762), the word is too white, violet rove, and the "fallen" immortal.Is a great romantic poet in tang dynasty, was later known as the "god".李白(701年-762年) ,字太白,号青莲居士,又号“谪仙人”.是唐代伟大的浪漫主义诗人

Li Bai or Li Po (Chinese: 李白; pinyin: Lǐ Bái, or, Lǐ Bó) (701 762) was a Chinese poet. He was part of the group of Chinese scholars called the "Eight Immortals of the Wine Cup" in a poem by fellow poet Du Fu. Li Bai is often regarded,

Li Bai was a romantic poet in Chinese history. He was born in Tang dynasty. He had written a lot of poems and some of them were famous until now. Even children can recite his poems.确实不好写,希望能够帮到你吧.

Li Bai(701-762), Chinese style name Taibai , was a List of Chinese poet living in Tang Dynasty. Renowned as the Poet Immortal . Li Bai was among the most well-respected poets in China's literaty history. Approximately 1100 poems of his remain

LiBai come from sichuan

Li Bai(701-762) is regarded as the greatest romantic poet of the Tang dynasty(618-907) and of China of all times.Born in Central Asia,as it is believed,he moved with his family to Sichuan at the age of five.In 725,he traveled down the Changjiang(

1、Li Bai (ca 705 - 762), also called Li Po, is probably China's most famous poet. A great deal has been written about him. This commentary focuses on his connection to the qin. In this regard Ronald Egan writes (Controversy, p.53), "In the first

望庐山瀑布 文章出处:proz.cn 发布时间:2002-12-29 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 日照香炉生紫烟,遥望瀑布挂前川. 飞流直下三千尺,疑是银河落九天. 许渊冲译文: cataract on mount lu li bai the sunlit censer

Li Bai (701 - 762), the word Taibai, Qinglian, Lay. Native of Longxi-Ji (today near Tianshui, Gansu), Xianshi Duomo flows in the Western Regions, Li Bai, born in Central Asia that is broken leaf. (Balkhash Hunan this surface Chu River basin, when

een written about him.This commentary focuses on his connection to the qin.In this regard Ronald Egan writes (Controversy,p.53),"In the first centuries of the Tang dynasty,the poets Meng Haoran and Li Bo further promoted the cultivation of a

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