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We have four numbers in our group.

Li fei gets up very late in our team 楼下的不对希望帮到你请采纳谢谢

There are four members in our team/group.There be的句型是“有,存在”的意思

class three grade three,grade是年级 class是班.

In our group, Li Lei usually gets up very late at the weekend.亲:高老师祝你学习进步,每天都开心V_V!望采纳,thanks(thx)!

across 英[krs] 美[kr:s] prep. 穿过; 横穿,横过; 与…交叉; 在…对面; adv. 横过,越过; 在对面; 交叉; 斜对面;

你好,Hello, everyone. My name is Weimei, a memeber of fashion house. There are altogether seven people in the group.

the result of our group is not good enough. we made mistakes that we shouldn't have. some words pronunciation is not clear. besides, we need more practice because some

组里的其他人翻译:others in the group

The above equation was used to obtain θ for various values of L for each block. The block heights were calculated using Eq. (1). 上面的方程式用来得出每一玻璃块的不同L值时的θ.玻璃块的高度用式(1)计算.The difference between measured

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