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道Although our school for two months, but many students of our professional is very confused, don't know our professional, but our specialty is emerging in China, learning law courses is not only the economic management course, and our country

整句是这样的吧:In a move that has intellectual-property lawyers abuzz,the U.S.Court 结合上下语境,这句话翻译成:在一项让知识产权律师们争论不休的提议中in a move

知识产权[zhī shi chǎn quán][名]intellectual property right ;


proprietary intellectual property rights公司拥有多项自主知识产权和雄厚的生产实力.Our company has a number of property rights and a strong independent power production.公司长期坚持自主创新,拥有30多项产品专利和自主知识产权.The

当前, 我们的公司获得了超过实用和新专利全国知识产权250 份证明, 并且我们的品牌是成功地applicated "广州著名商标", 而且, 我们的产品获了"广东品牌产品" 奖.

According to incomplete statistics, within 2 months after the launch of this specialized campaign, all Chinese public security organs registered over 1,000 cases regarding

intellectual property

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