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Welcome to XI'an,and have a good trip.

祝你玩得开心生活愉快!(Wish you have a happy life!)

I am sorry about that. Just have a good time !不明白可以追问我,满意的话请点击【采纳】

I hope you have a good time

1、insisted2.have a good time 3.后面的receiving改为receive

Glad to meet you. 很高兴见到你How are you? 你好吗?Happy New Year. 新年快乐Can you excuse me? 不好意思/请让一下/失陪一下Good Luck to you! 祝你好运Have a good time! 玩得愉快!Good Luck! 祝你好运!It's very

祝你们玩的愉快翻译:Have a good time.Have fun.Enjoy yourselves.

Thank you wish you have a good time

祝你玩得愉快Have a good time !Enjoy yourself !

Have a nice day.

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