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BetterBodyGymWelcomeallaged18oroverJoinustodayand41---44 DBCB41.答案D.细节理解题.根据Join us today and receive special offer!1 month free membership!2 free T-shirts!2

日本的潮牌有哪些?18、Mastermind JAPAN(MMJ) 对于喜爱小众暗黑系的潮流人士来说,日本的暗黑之魂mastermind JAPAN,你绝

the TV set ___ ? -In Japan. A did;make回答:是啊,应该用的是陈述句的句型 再看看别人怎么说的。

英文造句。新目标初一下。18. Japanese a. 日本的; n. 日本人,日语 Can you speak Japanese?19. world n. 世界 I have a map of the world.

【求】詹妮弗洛芙海维特 Jennifer Love Hewitt 英文简#31 on the Adult Top 40 and #25 on the Top 40 Mainstream. It also climbed to #6 in Australia and #33 in the Net

Japanese children are so happy because they have48.C.细节题,根据第一句  Japanese children are so happy because they have&

Free Fun GuidesFree Admission to Hundreds of24.A 细节理解题.根据Unlike previous Museum Day celebrations,you must sign up for a free ticket that admits two people to

Most young boys like spending time on things like32.B 细节理解题.由第一段中的but Ken,a 9-year-old boy from the Philippines,is spending his free time trying to start

Books,software,andvideos,nomatterwhatyouarelooking25.D细节理解题.根据第二段可知主要讲述了电子书,电子书在网络上的出售.故选D.26、B由第四段中that some people&


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