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【as time goes on】意思是【随着时间的推移;随着时间的流逝;随着时代的推移】.英 [z taim uz n] 美 [z tam oz n] 双语例句1. Renewable energy will become progressively more important as time goes on. 随着时间的推移,可再

as time goes by 随着时间的流逝,意味着回顾过去的一种延续状态 as time goes on 随着时间在流逝,意味着从过去到现在、甚至到将来的一种延续状态

都是时间的进行 as time goes by 强调失去的时光 As time goes by, I still miss you.as time goes on 强调正在进行中的时间. As time goes on, the game is almost over.

都是时间的进行as time goes by 随着时间的流逝,意味着回顾过去的一种延续状态 as time goes on 随着时间在流逝,意味着从过去到现在、甚至到将来的一种延续状态希望对你有帮助~

经过;(时间)过去 Time went by slowly. 时光慢慢流逝. 2. 错过(机会等) 3. 依照 Don't go by that old map. 别参照那张旧地图. 4. 凭判断 You can't always go by appearances. 你不能总是根据外表来判断. 随着时间的推移 As time goes on, the child will forget his grief. 随着时间的过去,孩子会忘记悲伤的.

选A.as 下面这些都表示'随着时间的推移'的意思:as time goes on=as time goes by=with the lapse of time=over time=over the years=as the time passed/passes by

没有with time goes by 这种说法只有with time goin棱乏迟何侏蛊虫坍矗开g by .

答案 A. will proveprove这里是不及物动词随着时间推移,终有一天我的观点会证明正确的.

as time goes on it is always(changing)意思是:“随着时间的推移,【情况/事物】总是在变化着”.It用作代词,可以表时间、距离和天气.这里的It可以指代【情况/事物】如果我的回答对你有帮助,请及时采纳,谢谢!

as time goes by的意思是“随着时间的流逝” with time goes by没有这样的用法,不符合语法.with time going by= as time goes by 意思都是“随着时间的流逝”由于with + sth + doing 是语法上的独立主格结构,而且with是介词,因此with后面不能直接接动词原型,而应接不定式或者现在分词或者过去分词.as time goes by是时间状语从句,而with time going by是介宾短语作状语.

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