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歌曲名:Bootylicious 歌手:Destiny'S Child 专辑:Survivor Bootylicious Destiny's Child Kelly, can you handle this?Michelle, can you handle this?Beyonce, can you handle this?I don't think they can handle this!Barely move, we've arrived Lookin sexy

That's hot:It is basically another way of saying "that's cool", "that's great!" or "that's awesome!" WAG:太太和女友,wives and girlfriends Punk'd:受骗上当或被取笑了 Word:好的,我们一起去吧 Bling:昂贵的珠宝饰品 get retarded:喝


开始 Love On Top 副歌部分几句~ 接着 Crazy in Love End Of Time Baby Boy 然后天女重聚 Bootylicious 接着 Independent Women Single Ladies 最后Halo!这就是全部歌曲了 满意请采纳~

malicious adj. 恶意的;恶毒的;蓄意的;怀恨的 delicious adj. 美味的;可口的

有过Destiny's Child时期的《Bootylicious》,还有单飞后的《Single Ladies》和《Halo》和《Crazy In Love》.


歌曲:Bootylicious歌手:天命真女合唱团(Destiny's Child)专辑:《#1's》歌词:kelly, can you handle this?michelle, can you handle this?beyonce, can you handle this?i don't think they can handle this!barely move, we've arrivedlookin sexy,

中 文 名:碧昂斯-诺里斯 英 文 名:Beyonce Knowles 昵 称:BeeBee JuJu 生 日:1981年9月4日 星 座:处女座 出 生 地:Houston Texas 身 高:167cm 乐 队:天命真女合唱团成员 Beyonce Giselle Knowles--比昂斯-吉赛尔-诺斯,22岁,来自休

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