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XDJMs 帮忙翻译一段,紧急!!presently we have to negotiate on the shipment of xxx. Firstly, your order volume is over less, but we have to

怎样使用correspond to这个词组?2. The salaries of teachers should be scaled up to correspond to these of people in comparable professions.教师的薪金应该

中英文网络术语??correspond (corresponding) 相符合(相应的 一致的)??CPETT 计算机性能评价工具与技术 ??CPI 每条指令需要的周期数 ??CSMA/CD

雅思听力怎么学习这个有技巧吗? - 从羽英语 的回答一致的:correspond, coincide, match up 创造:create, formulate, invent, devise, introduce 分开:divide, split, separate, break up, ta

correspondence是什么意思in correspondence for months.我们通信几个月了。We kept up a correspondence for many years.我们保持了很多年的通信联系。

英语单词的问题respond(回答, 响应, 作出反应,有反应)correspond(符合, 协调, 通信, 相当, 相应)counter:opposite act(担当,表现, 见效

请帮我翻译一下论文的英文提要及关键词!急回答:21 centuries is the ages which develops knowledge-based economy, is the ages that the high technology develops

英语专四考试词汇详解4A. conform B. confirm C. comply D. correspond 3. It is common knowledge that one culture___ with its social

初中英语词组1. be absent from…. 缺席,不在 2. absence of mind 心不在焉 3. be absorbed in 全神贯注于…近 4. be rich in

英语选择题! 急A.down B. off C.of D.up 答:B 译:当警察向那个罪犯走来时,他突然一跃跳离火车。析:介词off表示“脱离”.

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