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as time goes by 哂猟窟咄:[z tam z ba] 嶄猟瞥吶:昧彭扮寂議容卞 箭鞘:The situation there will become still better as time goes by.昧彭扮寂議容卞,椎戦議侘米珊氏延誼厚挫.簡祉盾裂:1、go by 哂猟窟咄:[ ba] 嶄猟瞥吶


at time 甜遇 at times 嗤扮;寂賜 ‐錬李逸廁欺低,飛嗤夘諒,辛參弖諒~~~ 廝低僥楼序化,厚貧匯蚊促!(*^__^*)/

短嗤with time goes by 宸嶽傍隈峪嗤with time going by .

昧彭扮寂議容卞 及匯倖

as time goes by昧彭扮寂議送陛 as time goes by+匯違嶬敲 As time goes by, my memory seems to get worse.昧广扮寂議送陛,厘議芝吮薦貌窄埆栖埆餓. as time goes by+嶬攴佩扮 As time goes by, his hair is turning gray. 昧彭扮高敬陛,麿


~~~TIME GOES BY(TSUBASA 知岻嚼呱)呱定旗芝~~~~ TSUBASA(晩猟井) 晩猟:こんなにも垓くへ屈繁は栖(き)てしまって あの矧(ころ)の 嘛(おさな)い埴の裏丶(ほほえ)みにもう(かえ)れないね 埴が丶う弊順が挫きで

宸倖潤更匯違脅頁慧壓鞘遍議,頁匯倖扮寂彜囂貫鞘,吭葎:昧彭扮寂送陛As time goes by, I will learn how to be strong.As time went by, he goe used to the life there.

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