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What do you do?你做什么工作? 答:I'm a +职业 Where do you work?你在哪儿工作? 答:因为问题是问Where(地点),所以直接回答地点就行了 如果要正式点就 I work in ... 望采纳 谢谢

What do you expect from the company you work for? 你希望从你工作的公司得到什么?

这个句子有问题,如果问你在哪里工作,应该是what do you do ?what's your job? 如果用work,就要用where do you work?你在哪里工作?因为work不及物动词,不能接what作宾语,但可以接副词where。

后句正确 ,特殊疑问句中,若有动词,则必须有do或does,did 这些助动词


What does she work as? 老师祝你学习进步! 望采纳,多谢!^_^

你准备为了BS / MS 怎么做?回答:I don't know what to do .

1 Q: What do you do after work? A: I go home, play video games, and go to bed. But if it's a Friday night, I try to do something. Even if I get off at 10:30, I try to find friends who are out. I tend to go back to my old job. w...

应该是where are you from? 你来自哪里?或你是哪里人? where do you work?你在哪里上班?或你在哪里工作? where are you going?你准备去哪里? what do you do? 你是做什么?what's your name?你叫什么? 都是主谓宾结构,主语和宾语一般用名...

what time do you knock off everyday?

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